Glucose-fructose syrup used as a food for bees. The best research center in Western Europe - the Institute Nationale de la Recherche Agronomique in France, have experience in the study of insects including honey bees and bumble bees in developing beekeeping syrup, took care of the appropriate proportion of fructose and glucose, which significantly minimizes the possibility of crystallization of syrup during the wintering. The higher concentration of fructose compared to maltose enables better wintering bees in Polish conditions. In addition, the total amount of complex carbohydrates is low, which favorably affects the energy balance of a working honey bee.

Syrup is GMO free, produced under veterinary supervision No: PL3021242p

Best before end date: 12 months from manufacturing date.



  • pail - 15 kg
  • hobbock - 40 kg
  • IBC cubes - 1000 kg

Syrup is supplied only in pallets:

  • 44 pails = 660 kg or
  • 12 hobbocks = 480 kg

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