Bee syrup, often erroneously referred to by beekeepers as bee invert, is a ready-made food for bees in liquid form. It is a mixture of glucose, fructose and other sugars in the right proportions, so that it resembles honey in composition, providing easily digestible and completely safe food for working insects. The syrup is produced by the hydrolysis of starch from wheat. The application of the bee syrup is very simple - it can be administered to the insects as soon as the container is opened. It does not need to be dissolved, mixed or heated, which saves the beekeeper a lot of work 


Advantages of Holger Food bee syrup  

The composition of Holger Food bee syrup was developed in cooperation with the Institut national de la recherche agronomique in Paris, the best agricultural research centre in Europe, which has been conducting research on insects, including honey bees and bumblebees, for many years. As a result, our bee syrup has numerous advantages: 

Adequate proportion of fructose and glucose - by ensuring the correct content of these monosaccharides, the syrup is characterised by a low susceptibility to crystallisation during the bees' overwintering period.  


High content of fructose in relation to maltose - the higher content of this monosaccharide in comparison to reducing sugar significantly improves bees' overwintering conditions in our weather conditions.  


Low total complex sugars - the significant predominance of simple sugars over complex sugars in the composition of the syrup contributes to improving the energy balance of working honey bees.  


Why use syrup to feed bees instead of regular sugar?  


A tempting choice for many beekeepers is to use ordinary sugar, which is cheaper than bee-feeding syrup and available in almost every shop. However, it is important to bear in mind that such sugar may be contaminated with substances which, although not detrimental to human health, can be harmful to bees. Holger Food's bee syrup is laboratory-tested, so you can be sure that it will not expose our bee colonies to poisoning. 


How do you feed insects with bee syrup?  

Bee syrup is one of the best foods for insects. Not only is it extremely valuable for bees, but it is also very convenient to administer. How do you feed the insects with the product we offer? The special production technology and the use of the highest quality ingredients make it not prone to crystallisation. As a result, you do not need to dilute it or heat it up before feeding it to the bees. You therefore only need to place the preferred amount of food in the hive, without preparing it beforehand.  


When should bees be fed syrup?  

When is it appropriate to feed bees with syrup? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by novice beekeepers. It is, of course, up to the apiary manager to decide when the insects receive their feed, but there are usually two times of the year. The first is spring. Then, in addition to syrup, bee cake is often given. The second time the bees are fed is usually before winter. This is because this is the crucial time for the next season. This is because providing enough good-quality food will ensure that the insects have a safe winter. This will ensure that they are not only healthy, but also hard-working in the following spring and summer.  


The syrup is free of GMOs and has been produced under Veterinary No.: PL3021242p. 



  • Pail - 15 kg  
  • bucket - 40 kg  
  • IBC pallet container - 1000 kg  
  • Bulk - the buyer's own packaging (a collection date needs to be agreed)  

We deliver the syrup on the territory of Poland in full pallet consignments:  

  • 44 pails = 660 kg or  
  • 12 buckets = 480 kg  

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