White, fine-crystalline bee cake is ready to be consumed by the bees throughout the year, especially recommended during cold periods. Specially selected ingredients guarantee the highest quality of dough. It has a dense, homogeneous mass with high elasticity. It is plastic and the can be easily heat by hand to give it the desired shape, so that it can be easy to give the bees. While forming it does’nt melt and does’nt stick to the hands.

GMO-free, manufactured under veterinary supervision No.: PL3021242p

Best before end date: 12 months from manufacturing date.


  • box- 15 kg
  • box- 5 kg
  • tray - 1 kg - not available

Bee cake is supplied also in pallets:

  • 60 boxes a 15 kg = 900 kg
  • 140 boxes a 5 kg = 700 kg

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