Bee cake, also known as bee fondant, is a ready-made food for bees in solid form. It is made using a specially selected mixture of simple sugars - glucose and fructose - disaccharides and other ingredients, which guarantees the highest quality of the final product. The bee cake can be used all year round. It can be fed to bee colonies for the winter by placing a lump of dough of the appropriate weight in the hive at the end of the summer - the bees will take the dough and transfer it to the combs. Most commonly, however, fondant is used in early spring. Dur ing this period, especially with the prolonged winter, some bee colonies may be short of supplies. The dough will make it possible to replenish them easily, quickly and reliably, thus allowing the bees to grow faster. 


Advantages of Holger Food bee fondant  

  • Specially developed recipe - with the right content of monosaccharides, disaccharides and other ingredients, the cake protects the bees' energy balance.  


  • High digestibility and safety - the fondant is made from natural ingredients, making it easily digestible by the bees. It also does not contain any substances that are dangerous to them.  


  • Immediately ready to serve - although you can prepare the bee dough yourself, the ready-made product is a guarantee of consistent composition and saves time.  


  • Possibility to give the desired shape - the bee feed fondant is distinguished by its plasticity and elasticity, and does not stick or melt. This makes it easy to give it the desired form.  


  • Minimal crystallisation - by taking care of the right proportions of the individual ingredients, crystallisation of the dough is kept to a minimum in winter conditions. 


Characteristics of bee dough  

Bee dough is an excellent type of food. However, it is not only chosen for its nutritional qualities. In addition to its high digestibility and appropriate sugar content, among other things, bee dough has another very important characteristic. This is because its use is characterised by the fact that there is no so-called robbing. This is due to the fact that bee cakes are hardly accessible to bees from other hives and are therefore only consumed by insects from one colony. This makes it easy to calculate the correct food portions and control the amount in the hive.  


Why choose our bee fondant?  

If you are looking for bee fondant of the highest quality, we invite you to take advantage of the offer prepared by our company. Why should you bet on the bee fondant we sell? In addition to the advantages listed above, our products have a stimulating effect on bees. This has a particularly important effect on queens, as it stimulates their brood. In addition, the fondant we prepare is characterised by a suitable structure that does not cause sugar crystals to clump together. It is worth noting that we have a large amount of bee dough at our disposal, so we are able to supply many, even the largest apiaries in Poland and Europe. 


The cake is GMO-free and has been produced under Veterinary Surveillance No: PL3021242p.  

  Expiry date: 12 months from date of production  



  • carton box - 15 kg - pallet 60 boxes = 900 kg    
  • carton box - 5 kg - pallet of 140 boxes = 700 kg    
  • 1 kg packaging - 8 kg carton - pallet of 70 cartons = 560 kg  

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